Some invited talks, lectures and tutorials:

Auto-Encoding Variational Neural Machine Translation
University of Melbourne, Amazon, University of Heidelberg
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Variational Inference and Deep Generative Models
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Modelling Latent Variation in Translation Data
25/05/2018, University of Edinburgh - ILCC Seminar
Deep Generative Models: Backpropagation Through Stochastic Computation Graphs
24/05/2018, University of Edinburgh - ILCC
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Probabilistic modelling for NLP powered by deep learning
03/04/2018, Naver Labs Europe (France)
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Joint Word Representation and Alignment: Embed-Align
07/04/2017, UvA-ILPS Lunch Talk
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Directed graphical models (the case of lexical alignment models)
08/12/2016, NLP1-UvA
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Sampling (for unsupervised language learning)
23/02/2015, ULL-UvA
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Decoding for SMT
10/09/2014, FBK (Trento)
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Tutorial on Statistical Machine Translation
RANLP 2011 (Hissar, Bulgaria)