Some invited talks, lectures and tutorials:

Variational Inference and Deep Generative Models
ACL18 Tutorial, Melbourne, Australia.

Tutorial on variational inference and deep generative models.

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Probabilistic modelling for NLP powered by deep learning
03/04/2018, 11pm, Naver labs (France)

Invited talk at Naver Labs (France). The original talk was divide into two session and I also presented models that I have developed with my students and collaborators.

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07/04/2017, 1pm, Science Park C3.163

Invited talk at ILPS.

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Directed graphical models (the case of lexical alignment models)
08/12/2016, 1pm, Science Park C0.110

Invited lecture for NLP1 at UvA. I cover basic notions about directed graphical models and present IBM1 as an application of latent variable modelling. I also present maximum likelihood estimation via expectation maximisation for categorical distributions.

Sampling (for unsupervised language learning)
23/02/2015, 9am, Science Park G4.15

Guest lecture for Jelle Zuidema’s course on Unsupervised Language Learning at UvA. In this one hour talk, I present sampling methods and their role in performing MLE and/or posterior inference with special attention to the case of parsing.

Decoding for SMT
10/09/2014, 12.00-13.00, Trento

Lecture at the Ninth Machine Translation Marathon in Trento.

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Tutorial on Statistical Machine Translation
RANLP 2011 (Hissar, Bulgaria)