• I have been organising some notes on topics I teach.
  • Together with Philip Schulz, I am organising a tutorial on variational inference. The tutorial is modular and some of its modules have already been presented a few times (check the repository for a gist of our schedule).


Natural Language Models and Interfaces
2018-present (offered in Winter)

I coordinate and teach Natural Language Models and Interfaces. This is a second-year course offered to students in the Bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence programme of the University of Amsterdam. The course covers some of the essential techniques in natural language processing with a focus on language modelling and word representation:

  • Review of probability theory
  • Probability of a setence
  • Markov Models and n-gram language modelling
  • Hidden Markov Models and part of speech tagging
  • Probabilistic context-free grammars
  • Locally normalised log-linear models
  • Distributional semantics and neural models of word representation
  • Overview of NLP applications

Natural Language Processing II
2015-present (offered in Spring)

I organise and teach Natural Language Processing II at UvA (the course is focused on machine translation). This is the third edition which I organise, the first one was in the spring of 2015.

The course is organised in three blocks

  • Unsupervised word alignments: directed models (EM estimation and VB) and undirected models (MLE via gradient-based optimisation)
  • Statistical machine translation: (hierarchical) phrase-based MT (linear models), latent-variable CRF for hierarhical PBSMT
  • Neural machine translation: fully supervised sequence to sequence models, deep generative models

Bayesian inference for PCFGs
March 2017 - 6EC

4 weeks course on Bayesian inference for PCFGs, here is a list of the topics covered:

My student Daan van Stigt did an excellent job! Check his amazing notebooks.

Parsing as deduction and Monte Carlo sampling for PCFGs
June 2015 - 6EC

4 weeks course on MC techniques for PCFGs, here is a list of the topics covered:


Featurised EM

In the spring of 2016, I offered a BA project on feature-rich unsupervised alignment models. My student Guido Linders did a great job (thesis, code)!

Slice sampling from PCFGs

In the spring of 2015, I offered a BA project on slice sampling from PCFGs. My student Iason de Bondt did a great job (thesis, code)!